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Kweni Chess Club, la directrice Dr Melanie Zate

KWENI CHESS CLUB (KCC) (Club de Jeux d'échecs de l'ONG Kweni)

Kweni Chess Club

Great job to the Kweni Chess Club which has opened so far twelve chapters in the Ivory Coast allowing children from different backgrounds to learn Chess.

They are located in the city of Yamoussoukro, the village of Bouafla, the city of Bouaflé, orphanage of Grand Bassam, orphanage SOS of Abobo in Abidjan,orphanage of Gonzacville, orphanage of Bingerville, Elementary school of CEPEL( City of Anyama), middle school of Adventiste Marcory (Capital city of Abidjan), middle school of Port Bouet (Abidjan). The school for special needs children ( School for death and mute children in Abidjan), the Kweni Chess Club for incarcerated juvenile kids in Abidjan.

Thank you to the FIDEC (Ivorian Federation of Chess) and to its president Judge Brou.

Dr Melanie Zate (Director of the kweni chess Club) would like to thank Georgia Morris , Yolande Tra , John Tra , Mario Kpan ,Jacques Tagro La Puissance , Grace Hillary Tagro for their support of making this dream come true.

May God continue blessing everyone of you tremendously.

Thank you for everything

Note from Dr Melanie Zate

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Citizen of Heaven
Citizen of Heaven
Nov 12, 2022

Nice job to the Kweni Chess Club 👍

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