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CPR chess Club in Action this Summer

by Georgia Morris

CPR Chess club in action this summer from Little Rock all the way to the Ivory Coast in West Africa! We are there for your kids! We are on a mission to introduce and teach the basic of chess to all children at no charge to the parents.

Educators and professionals such as Deacon Christopher A Major and Principal Salome Thomas-El

around the world are talking about how chess is making a difference in children lives and they are not just talking, they are making it happen.

And what is chess teaching children and youth other than making them to be better thinkers, more focus, how to be considerate and respectful of others, well click on this link for more benefits of your kids learning chess:

We will be close on Tuesday, June 21 and Tuesday, June 28 for our regular Tuesdays Chess program but will reopen Tuesday, July 5. Our chess kids love meeting new people.

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